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S.A. Series Swiss Automatic Tools - Types C & T - Left Hand

For cut-off, forming or turning. Shanks are fractionally sized to fit American and foreign tool holders. Requires finish grind on carbide.

Carbide LengthCarbide ThicknessCut Off WidthPackage QuantityShank HeightShank LengthShank WidthTool Type Size NoEDPPriceOrder
1 1/43/321/81015/32615/32SA11.5C70027 $116.00
1 1/43/321/8101/261/2SA12C70028 $123.00
1 1/41/83/321013/32613/32SA10C70025 $111.25
1 1/43/321/8107/1667/16SA11C70026 $115.25
1 1/41/83/32105/1665/16SA8C70023 $97.00
1 1/41/83/32103/863/8SA9C70024 $102.75
1 1/41/83/32101/461/4SA6C70021 $83.00
1 1/41/83/32109/3269/32SA7C70022 $88.75
11/81/41015/32615/32SA11.5T70007 $116.00
11/81/4101/261/2SA12T70008 $123.00
1 1/43/323/161013/32613/32SA10T70005 $111.25
11/81/4107/1667/16SA11T70006 $115.25
1 1/43/323/16105/1665/16SA8T70003 $97.00
1 1/43/323/16103/863/8SA9T70004 $102.75
1 1/43/321/8101/461/4SA6T70001 $83.00
1 1/43/321/8109/3269/32SA7T70002 $88.75

Can't find the Carbide Tipped SA Swiss Automatic Tools you need?

If you cannot find the exact SA Swiss Automatic Tools you need to order online, we can build it for you. Just fill in a custom cutting tool form and fax it back to us at 941-465-4089. We will let you know how we can supply the SA Swiss Automatic Tools you need.

Thank you for buying your Carbide Tipped at CuttingToolDepot.