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End Mills - 3 Straight Flutes - For Steel & Steel Alloys

End mills have cutting edges on both the end and sides, permitting end cutting and peripheral cutting. Select upsharp tools for faster speeds. Select radial edged tools for longer tool life. Select the largest shank diameter available that will work in your application to maximize rigidity and minimize axial deflection and chatter. Select fewer flutes for milling softer materials and higher feeds and speeds where more chip space is required or when machine horsepower is limited. Select more flutes for milling tougher materials at reduced feeds and speeds or for increased table feeds using the same cutting speeds. Select the largest practical diameter to maximize rigidity, minimize chatter and improve tool life. If machine spindle speed is limited, the largest practical diameter permits higher cutting speeds.

Decimal DiameterFractional DiameterCarbide LengthNumber Of FlutesOverall LengthShank DiameterEDPPriceOrder
1.50001 1/23/4341 1/457452 $310.00
1.12501 1/83/434157450 $224.90
1.25001 1/43/434157451 $260.80
0.87507/83/433 3/47/857448 $191.25
1.000013/433 3/47/857449 $210.10
0.62505/83/433 1/45/857446 $156.45
0.75003/43/433 3/85/857447 $163.85
0.50001/23/4331/257444 $128.70
0.56259/163/4331/257445 $133.80
0.37503/81/232 1/23/857442 $122.85
0.43757/163/432 1/23/857443 $125.60

Can't find the Carbide Tipped End Mills you need?

If you cannot find the exact End Mills you need to order online, we can build it for you. Just fill in a custom cutting tool form and fax it back to us at 941-465-4089. We will let you know how we can supply the End Mills you need.

Thank you for buying your Carbide Tipped at CuttingToolDepot.