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High Speed Steel Double Angle Shank Cutter

Single and double angle milling cutters are used to mill different angles into a workpiece. They come standard in 45°, 60°, and 90° angles. Double angle cutters come to a point. Single angle cutters come in either a right or left angle configuration. The cutters listed here are all have standard arbor holes.

Decimal DiameterFractional DiameterWidthAngleArbor Hole DiameterCoatingMaterialNumber Of TeethOverall LengthShank DiameterWeldon ShankEDPPriceOrder
2.25002 1/43/490°7/8HSS184 5/327/8YESSDA2250-90 $192.71
2.25002 1/43/490°7/8TiNHSS184 5/327/8YESSDA2250-90-TIN $265.65
1.87501 7/85/890°3/4TiNHSS163 25/323/4YESSDA1875-90-TIN $198.88
2.25002 1/43/4607/8HSS184 5/327/8YESSDA2250-60 $192.71
2.25002 1/43/4607/8TiNHSS184 5/327/8YESSDA2250-60-TIN $265.65
1.87501 7/85/8603/4HSS163 25/323/4YESSDA1875-60 $132.31
1.87501 7/85/8603/4TiNHSS163 25/323/4YESSDA1875-60-TIN $198.88
1.87501 7/85/890°3/4HSS163 25/323/4YESSDA1875-90 $132.31
1.50001 1/21/2605/8TiNHSS143 3/85/8YESSDA1500-60-TIN $179.24
1.50001 1/29/1690°5/8HSS143 7/165/8YESSDA1500-90 $114.18
1.50001 1/29/1690°5/8TiNHSS143 7/165/8YESSDA1500-90-TIN $179.24
1.37501 3/81/290°5/8HSS253 9/325/8YESSDA1375-90 $86.99
1.37501 3/81/290°5/8TiNHSS253 9/325/8YESSDA1375-90-TIN $117.01
1.50001 1/21/2605/8HSS143 3/85/8YESSDA1500-60 $114.18
1.000013/890°1/2TiNHSS232 29/321/2YESSDA100-90-TIN $85.10
1.37501 3/87/16605/8HSS253 7/325/8YESSDA1375-60 $86.99
1.37501 3/87/16605/8TiNHSS253 7/325/8YESSDA1375-60-TIN $117.01
1.000011/2601/2HSS232 27/321/2YESSDA100-60 $65.24
1.000015/16601/2TiNHSS232 27/321/2YESSDA100-60-TIN $85.10
1.000013/890°1/2HSS232 29/321/2YESSDA100-90 $65.24
0.75003/43/16603/8TiNHSS102 3/83/8YESSDA750-60-TIN $54.19
0.75003/41/490°3/8HSS102 7/163/8YESSDA750-90 $39.70
0.75003/41/490°3/8TiNHSS102 7/163/8YESSDA750-90-TIN $54.19
0.75003/43/16603/8HSS102 3/83/8YESSDA750-60 $39.70

Can't find the High Speed Steel Double Angle Cutters you need?

If you cannot find the exact Double Angle Cutters you need to order online, we can build it for you. Just fill in a custom cutting tool form and fax it back to us at 941-465-4089. We will let you know how we can supply the Double Angle Cutters you need.

Thank you for buying your High Speed Steel at CuttingToolDepot.