SKU: 55105

Carbide Tipped Straight Shank Left Hand Helix Partial Flute Length Carbide. NOT to be used in blind hole applications.


For reaming heat treated steels, castings, and other hard materials. NOT to be used in blind hole reaming applications. Automotive tang available upon request. Hardened alloy steel bodies with brazed on carbide tips.

Additional information
Decimal Diameter 0.3750
Fractional Diameter 3/8
Shank Diameter 5/16
Number of Flutes 4
Flute Length 1 3/4
Carbide Length 5/8
Overall Length 7
Weight 0.0197 lbs

Decimal Size Pricing - Please Call to Order: 941-465-4088

Decimal Size Range1 PC.2 PC.3 PC.4 PC.5-7 PC.8-14 PC.
0.3471 - 0.3780106.8087.1080.4577.4574.1071.40