SKU: 53242

Carbide Tipped Straight Shank Core Drill.


For enlarging cored or cast holes in cast iron and other similar abrasive materials. Balanced four flute design enhances cutting action often eliminating final reaming or boring operations. For removal of up to 30% of hole diameter. Diameter tolerance: +0″/-.001″.

Additional information
Decimal Diameter 0.6563
Fractional Diameter 21/32
Minimum Cut Diameter 0.459
Shank Diameter 21/32
Flute Length 4 3/8
Carbide Length 3/4
Overall Length 8 1/4
Weight 0.8 lbs

Decimal Size Pricing - Please Call to Order: 941-465-4088

Decimal Size Range1 PC.2 PC.3 PC.4 PC.5-7 PC.8-14 PC.
0.6281 - 0.6590163.30142.40135.50132.05128.65125.75