Moon Cutter
Carbide Tipped, Cobalt, High Speed Steel
Super Tool Inc
Carbide Tipped, High Speed Steel, Solid Carbide
IMCO Carbide Tool 2011
Carbide Burs, Carbide Reamers, Chamfer Tools, Countersinks, Drill and Countersink Combo, Drill Bits, Engraving Tools, Fiberglass Routers, General Purpose Solid Carbide End Mills, Ground Carbide Rods, High Performance End Mills

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IMCO Carbide Tool now on

IMCO Carbide Tool is a manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools. All products manufactured by IMCO are now available for purchase on this site! IMCO's product selection includes: End Mills High...

Solid Carbide End Mills Now Available from Cutting Tool Depot

Solid Carbide endmills are now available through IMCO carbide Tool, a manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools. launches e-commerce web site!

Cutting Tool Depot is now selling tools and other industrial products online.

Moon Cutter Company, Inc. featured on Cutting Tool Depot

Cutting Tool Depot is proud to feature Moon Cutter Company, Inc on its new e-commerce website. Customers can now order from Moon Cutter’s large selection of high speed steel and carbide tipped cutting...

Super Tool, Inc. featured on Cutting Tool Depot

Super Tool, Inc. is now featured on Cutting Tool Depot’s website. Customers can now order from Super Tool’s large selection of carbide tipped, solid carbide, and high speed steel cutting tools. Products...

Moon Cutter owner rescues fisherman in Long Island Sound

NEW HAVEN, Conn.—A fisherman was rescued by a good Moon Cutter owner Chuck Moon after spending more than two hours in frigid waters and drifting two miles to Brown's Reef, Conn., after his vessel capsized...

Cutting Tool Depot boasts over 40 years of experience in industrial manufacturing and cutting tools.

On April 14, 2006 the current owners of Cutting Tool Depot pioneered the concept of providing end users with application specific tooling at a reasonable price with the quickest delivery possible. Combined...