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Cutting Tool Depot - Precision Cutting Tool Distributor

Cutting Tool Depot is an industrial distributor providing a large selection of cutting tools.  Browse our products by clicking a featured supplier below or listed on the left side of the screen.

IMCO Carbide Tool supplier of solid carbide end mills, drill bits, burs, reamers, and more.
Super Tool is a supplier of carbide tipped, solid carbide, and high speed steel cutting tools including counterbores, milling cutters, drills, reamers, keyseat cutters and much more.
Moon Cutter is a supplier of high speed steel, cobalt, & carbide tipped cutting tools such as slitting saws, side milling cutters, t-slots, dovetail cutters, angle cutters, & more.

Some of the products we sell include reamers, end mills, drill bits, milling cutters, slitting saws, counterbores, t-slots, shell mills, keyseat cutters, & more. Cutting Tool Depot can provide you with tools and recommendations for reaming, drilling, milling, slotting, steel cutting, metal cutting & more. If you have a special cutting tool need email us your request.

Speeds and Feeds Charts are Now Available. Scroll down to view the links.

Speeds and feeds charts are now available.  Click on the feeds and speeds chart for the operation you are performing.
Reaming Speeds and Feeds
Drilling Speeds and Feeds
Counterboring Speeds and Feeds
Milling Speeds and Feeds
Keyseat Cutter Speeds and Feeds

Choose the appropriate type of tool for your application: carbide tipped, solid carbide,  high speed steel, or cobalt.  Below is a brief description of the different types of cutting tools offered here.

Carbide Tipped Tools are typically more economical in longer production runs and have a greater resistance to wear than high-speed-steel tools. Steal is cheaper then carbide. Larger tools in carbide tipped are typically more economical then solid carbide. Finally, carbide is a very brittle metal and is more prone to breaking then steel. Carbide tipped tooling typically has more flex and has a tendency to bend before breaking resulting in longer tool life. When used correctly and under the right conditions carbide tipped tools can last up to 8-10 times longer than high speed steel tools.  The cutting edge of these tools are carbide tips brazed onto hardened tool steel bodies. Carbide tipped tools in general have a longer tool life than high speed steel tools and are more resistant to wear making them effective in long production runs. C-2 Micrograin carbide tips are used for cutting most non-ferrous, aluminum, and cast iron materials, while C-5 carbide tips are used for cutting most steel or ferrous materials. The carbide tipped reamers from Super Tool are available in 3 grades of carbide tips for material specific applications.

High Speed Steel or Cobalt Tools are more economical in shorter production runs. Because steel is cheaper then carbide, high-speed-steel cutting tools are usually cheaper, everything else being equal. High speed steel tools are a solid one piece construction. As a result, smaller sizes are available then in carbide tipped. High speed steel is also less prone to breaking then a solid carbide tool.  High speed steel or cobalt cutting tools are practical for shorter production runs in non-ferrous applications where machining conditions restrict the use of harder, more brittle tooling such as carbide.  These tools exhibit lower wear resistance and notably less heat resistance than carbide cutting tools. The maximum working hardness of high speed steel is 65 HRC. These types of saws, drills and other cutters are not recommended for applications involving hard or abrasive materials, or high cutting speeds.

Solid Carbide Tools have a higher Rockwell than high speed steel tools. Like high-speed-steel cutting tools, they are also a solid one piece construction. Therefore smaller sizes are available then in carbide tipped and also achieve a greater resistance to wear then high speed steel tools because of the higher hardness. The cutting edge hardness of carbide ranges from 77 to 81 HRC. Solid carbide cutting tools, such as drills and end mills, are thermally stable and offer high resistance to abrasive wear. Carbide is brittle, however, and rough handling, misuse, or misalignment can lead to broken tools and/or poor tool life. Rigid setups and accurate spindles are necessary for peak performance. Carbide is more expensive then steel so large solid carbide tools tend to be more expensive then carbide tipped or high speed steel cutting tools. 

Technical Resources
Visit Cutting Tool Depot's FAQ page to find answers to technical questions regarding drilling, reaming, milling and more.  If you can't find the answer to your question you can send us your requests.  Anything from speeds and feeds questions, recommended tool geometries to general cutting tool questions are more than welcome.  If you have a special cutting tool request you can fill out one of our manufacturers' special cutting tool forms and fax it back to 941-465-4089.  We will send you a quote for your request.  Don't forget to specify shank tool, arbor hole tool, quanity, or any other special tooling request.

Feel free to browse our product catalog by clicking the suppliers listed above or to the side. Select the appropriate supplier based on the type of cutting tool you are looking for.

Select IMCO Carbide Tool for solid carbide tooling.
Select Super Tool for carbide tipped or solid carbide tooling.
Select Moon Cutter for high speed steel or cobalt tooling.

Cutting Tool Depot’s Fast Movers:

Carbide Tipped Reamers Carbide Tipped Drill Bits
Solid Carbide End Mills Carbide Tipped Counterbores
Solid Carbide Drill Bits Carbide Tipped Milling Cutters
Solid Carbide Reamers High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills
High Speed Steel Slitting Saws Reamers: .0005 increments from .1560-.7555

Featured Cutting Tool
Standard Solid Carbide General Purpose EndMills from IMCO Carbide Tool.  Designed for general purpose milling of most materials. Several flute configurations available including 2 flute, 3 flute, 4 flute, 6 flute and 8 flute.